Top 10 Height Increase Supplements In India of 2023

10 Best Height Increase Supplements Of 2023

If you want to increase your height, then it is better to eat right, exercise and sleep well. A high protein diet along with growth vitamins, minerals deposition enhancers  and essential amino acids helps in increasing height. Exercises like running and swimming help in growing taller faster. Sleep has a close relationship with height. If someone sleeps at about  7-8 hours a day, then the chances of him/her growing taller are more.

 A lot of people want to know if there are height growth supplements for girls, boys, children, or teenagers. According to most studies, our height is determined by our genes. Our bones cease developing after a certain age, therefore we stop growing. However, if one gets a high protein diet, vitamins, minerals, vital amino acids, exercise, and adequate sleep during their growing years, they can enhance their height.

But how to select the best height growth supplements if all serve the same purpose? Which are the best brands when it comes to height increase medicines ? All of these are answered in detail in the following article.


After proper scrutinization with the help of help experts and nutritionists, we have formulated a list of the ten best height increase medicines.

The following reviews are based on the ingredients, effectiveness, targeted approach and other components of the height increase supplements. Go through all the products and select the one that fits your requirements.


#1 GNL Long Height Increase Maximizer For MenShop Now : GNL HEIGHT INCREASE SUPPLEMENTS FOR MEN

GNL Height Increase Medicine For Men is a natural way to support good height with a combination of plant extracts, proteins, and minerals. The quicker absorption of calcium, L-arginine, and L-ornithine is enhanced by vitamin D3. Growth supplements with high bioavailability and rapid absorption offer a variety of advantages in addition to maintaining bone and tooth health. A balanced body mass, supporting bone structures, good muscular action, and helping you attain your height potential.


Are you looking for a way to help your teen girl grow taller? GNL Height Increase Medicine For Girls is formulated with 23 height support nutrients to kickstart growth and development. The unique blend of vitamins, minerals, Shatavari, L proline, L Veline, Pueraria Mirifica, and herbs work together to support the body's natural ability to increase height. Plus, the absorption enhancers help maximize the effects of the ingredients for optimal results. With regular use, your teen will start to see a difference in their appearance as they become taller and more toned.

#3 HXN Height Plus Women


Looking to add a few inches to your height? HXN Height Increase Medicine For Women can help! Formulated with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, this supplement is designed to support healthy bone growth and development. In addition to promoting height growth, the ingredients in HXN Height Increase Medicine For Women may also help improve bone density, connective tissue health, and overall well-being. So why wait? Start taking HXN Height Increase Medicine For Women today and see the results for yourself!

#4 Propeptides Experience Long Height Tablets


Propeptides Long Height Growth Supplement tablet is a specially formulated for good height gain, bone mineral strength, and body development in Men and Women of Age 20 and Above. It contains essential nutrients and herbs which are needed for strong and natural bone development. The combination of protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, superfoods from plants, and herbal powder extracts maximizes bone height and promotes healthy body growth. These supplements increase bone density and joint health by transferring nutrients directly to the bones within a few months. With proper diet and exercise, you can see a gain in noticeable inches.

#5 HXN Height Plus Kids Growth Supplement 


Is your child growing as tall and healthy as they should be? It's hard to make sure they're getting all the nutrients they need from their diet, especially picky eaters. HXN Height For Kids tablets with multivitamins and minerals can help fill in the nutritional gaps for healthy growth and overall wellness.* Packed with a powerful fusion of vital nutrients, including Calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Zinc, Spirulina, and Drum Sticks, This Supplement may promote strong bones and immunity. * Made with advanced technology, our products are natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

#6 GNL Long Height Maximizer For Boys
Introducing GNL Height Increase Medicine, a revolutionary new supplement that helps support teenage growth. Combining essential amino acids, minerals, and herbs, GNL Height Increase Medicine helps create an environment that supports healthy cell development and metabolism during their growth years. With its unique blend of ingredients, GNL Height Increase Medicine is perfect for boys who want to reach their full potential.
 #7 GNL Height Increase Supplements For Women
Looking for a way to support your increasing height and long bones? Look no further than GNL Height Increase Medicine For Women. Our blend of plant-based botanicals, proteins, minerals, and superfoods helps support growth while maintaining high bones, hair, and skin. Vitamin D3 optimizes intestinal calcium absorption for proper formation of the bone mineral matrix while L-arginine and L-ornithine help with quicker absorption of calcium. Spirulina provides a complete protein source that helps maintain a balanced body mass. Whether you're wanting to attain your height potential or just looking for general wellness support, GNL Height Increase Medicine For Women have you covered.

#8 Propeptides Height Growth Supplement For Kids
Propeptides Height Boost is a proprietary height supplement that has been designed to support children 8 years old and above, as well as teenagers, in their quest to grow taller. The unique formulation of this product includes 10 factors that have been clinically shown to contribute to height growth. These include Vitamin D3, K2, zinc, and an organic herbal blend. The product is delivered in tablet form, which studies have shown to be better absorbed by the body than regular pills. Propeptides Height Boost is non-GMO, gluten-free, BPA-free, and free from preservatives and fillers, wheat, and yeast.
#9 HXN Height Plus Teenage Girls Height Gainer Supplements
Looking for a way to give your daughter a boost in her height? Look no further than HXN Height Increase Medicine! Made with essential amino acids and Ayurvedic growth supplements, this powerful formula helps long bone mineralisation for optimal growth. Plus, the vitamin D3 and K2M7 help promote calcium absorption for strong bones and ligaments. Whether she's 10 or 17, this supplement is perfect for teenage girls looking to improve their height. So why wait? Order HXN Height Increase Medicine today!
#10 HXN Height Plus Teenage Boys Height Growth Supplements
HXN Height Increase Medicine For Boys is a supplement that contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and superfoods to support long bone mineralization and growth. This supplement is designed for boys ages 10-17 to help improve bone density, connective tissue health, and overall well-being. The chewable tablets are easy to take and provide many benefits in addition to bone and teeth health.

Our experienced product researchers screened the web for hours to make a list of over 42 Vitamin Height Growth Supplements available in India. This list includes products from some of the most popular and well-established brands as well as promising startups. To add to this, our testers researched for hours on label claims, ingredient safety, and consumer feedback for these products.

To take our testing process to a whole new level, our testers collaborated with reputed industry experts like Medical Practitioners, Nutritionists, and Dietitians to verify ingredient safety, product efficacy, and numerous testing parameters. This helped us to rate these products on relevant parameters.

After spending several hours on screening, identifying, testing, interviewing, and rating, we managed to put together a final list of the 10 best  Height Growth Supplements in India for you. But needless to say, we would like to hear your thoughts, so we would request you to vote for the products listed and help us to strengthen our list even more! Thanks in advance. 


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